Posted by Leask on December 30, 2014


What is BRICKS?

BRICKS is a list for all the domains blocked by the Chinese GFW.

Project URL:

What for?

  • In order to collect all the domains blocked by the GFW with the contributers all over the internet.
  • To study how tight the restrictions are, in the Chinese internet.
  • To log the data about this terrifying digital Berlin Wall as much as possible.
  • Help you to walkaround the GFW with a proxy server.

Different from GfwList

GfwList is cool and effective, but is complex and inefficient currently. Now, I want to make it simple and work more smoothly.


$ git clone


  • List all websites blocked by Chinese government
    $ ./bricks list
    or just simply $ cat gfw.bricks
  • Add domain into BRICKS
    $ ./bricks add ''
  • Remove domain from BRICKS
    $ ./bricks remove ''
  • Make PAC file with BRICKS
    $ ./bricks makpac 'SOCKS5; SOCKS; DIRECT'
  • Make PAC file and launch HTTP server
    $ ./bricks pacsrv 'SOCKS5; SOCKS; DIRECT'
  • Show help infos
    $ ./bricks help


  • Fork -> features implement -> tests -> pull request
  • Fork -> add domain to list -> tests -> pull request

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